Vir: Kalina


Wild Ale — Other
Alc. 6.9% / IBU 0

Нет в наличии

Артикул: 4834449 Категория: Метка:


Vir is a mysterious vortex easy to get lost in. This is a beer of thousand secrets, the wilder side of our barrel-aging program and cryptic experience on its own. Brewed with aged hops, fermented with our house blend of yeast, bacteria and Brettanomyces, aged in wine barrels for more than a year. This time we decided to go further and conditioned our wild ale on guelder rose berries, often used in traditional medicine, home distilling and grown in abundance in Belarus, as perhaps every orchard has a guelder rose tree. Those berries are bright, funky and bitter, very much like our Vir, and this is a pairing we dream to share with you.