Beergeek Brewery from Moscow. As well as it is necessary for the interesting brewing project, we have grown from the home brewing. Marat Settarov began to brew beer in the rice cooker from 2013, with Cosmic Сity One Gallon Brewery, and Alexey Sazonov with Big Ezh Brewery, took first places at competitions of home brewers in 2014 with more large batch volumes. Soon we joined our efforts in order to brew interesting beer, first of all for ourselves and friends from Untappd. We started with the most interesting variety, as it seemed to us at that time, and in 2015 the made the first commercial Berliner Weisse in Russia with cowberries – Brusliner. We call ourselves a Phantom Beergeek Brewery. First: We do not have a specific address and binding to a particular brewery. We are gypsy brewery and travel all over the world and brew beers everywhere from Tallinn to Belgrade, from Moscow to Voronezh. Secondly: We are beer geeks and specialize in interesting beers such as: berliner weisse, gose, sour fruit ales, milk stouts or juicy and hazy milkshake ipa. We do what we like, strive for new discoveries, break stereotypes and cultivate tastes. We are always happy to collaborate with the breweries with the similar ideology and try to remain at the front line of the beer revolution. If you have interesting ideas or suggestions, you can send them right here: Brew – Drink – drink@bottleshare Share – Bottle Share!

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